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THERE are no accidents IN THE UNIVERSE, FOR SOME REASON YOU have found yourself at this SITE.

I AM KUICHY (My name means Rainbow in my native tongue, Quechua).


We are living in a time when we must allow THE KNOWLEDGE from OUR collective ancient PAST to guide and become our FUTURE.   MORE THAN ever, WE NEED TO seek the counsel of ANCIENT WISDOM SOURCES if we are to save ourselves, mankind and our beloved earth mother, Pachamama.

MACHU PICCHU, the CHRYSTAL CITADEL, the Rainbow Cradle, timeless temple, and holy of holies on our planet is such a source.  Here the wisdom of my ancestors and yours channels a frequency that allows you to know and understand things about your purpose on earth and to access a consciousness that you have long sought but have not been fulfilled in finding.

 I invite you to experience the MYSTERY AND MAGIC OF MACHU PICCHU, It would be my pleasure to guide your discovery of the historic, cultural and especially the ESOTERIC nature of the sacred site we call Machu Picchu, to be the medium for the messages and wisdom that are encoded in every stone, and to facilitate the fulfillment of your personal transformation. THIS is the TRUE MEANING of a PILGRIMAGE to Machu Picchu in our 21st Century.  To visit Machu Picchu for any other reason is to misunderstand and even disrespect this icon of the Andean people and to underutilize the great citadel and the surrounding APUS as timeless MASTERS, healers and generators for personal and collective transformation. Wisdom, healing and transformation are, after all, what you seek and why you are here.

 FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS I have been on a pilgrimage of study and enlightenment through SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY, ART AND RELIGION WALKING ON SACRED PLACES WORLD WIDE from Sweden to Egypt, from Bolivia to England, from Ecuador to Germany, from Easter Islands to Japan, as a HEALER I helped many people from severe diseases through the practice of my INKA HEALING SESIONS, I did personal consultations using my COCA LEAVES and  I have facilitated the TRANSFORMATIONAL journeys of THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE from all over the world in Europe, Africa, Japan, and the United States as well as throughout all of South America. I invite you to go to the link on this site to read specific testimonials from travelers, students, pilgrims and wisdom seekers such as you.

 Ancient wisdom teaches us to "SEEK AND we shall FIND" THE TRUTH.  This is my simple guiding philosophy– to be a seeker and a guide for other pilgrims on their journey to self-knowledge, wisdom, beauty and TRUTH, AND then to be a model all over the planet, wherever I find myself, for the PRACTICE of the ETHICAL behavior and relationships that embody those truths. 

If YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE NOT the usual, run-of-the-mill TOURIST BUT instead A SPIRITUAL PILGRIM, in search of a more enlightened path for yourself and others, then listen to the inner guidance that brought you to this website.  It knows and now YOU know why you not only want to, but also MUST, visit Machu Picchu with all the reverence of a pilgrim on the way to a holy shrine.

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. Trust your intuition.  Acknowledge your intuition as your inner truth presenting itself to you now. FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION and ACCEPT MY INVITATION; I can assure you that this will be a life changing experience.

Many believe that MACHU PICCHU IS A STAR GATE, A LIGHT PORTAL, A VORTEX OF FOTONS OF LIGHT.  As a visitor to THIS SANCTUARY more THAN 2,000 THOUSAND times I have had experiences that validate some of these beliefs­– experiences that I would like to share with you, which I  must share with you to fulfill my purpose in life.

Many websites, brochures, agencies and individuals promise awe-inspiring visits to Machu Picchu.  Those offers are accurate.  The great citadel of Machu Picchu is impressive and cannot help but inspire awe in anyone who visits it.  In addition to what others offer, Kuichy offers YOU the greatest journey of all – the journey to yourself, the journey to the TRUTH about your existence, your role, and your purpose on this planet here and now.

From deep inside of INKA HEART, I invite you to AWAKEN YOUR DIVINE STAR MATRIX and take A QUANTUM LEAP experiencing in your life the real HEAVEN ON EARTH.

The links on this page provide information about our travel packages.  However, individual, small and large group journeys can be customized to meet your needs and the needs of your groups.

For more information or to book your SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, please provide the following information in an e-mail to KUICHY at:

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